10 Dangers of Using Nulled Theme and Nulled Plugin

Nulled Theme – Maybe the term nulled theme and nulled plugin are still unfamiliar to some people. However, this term needs to be known by WordPress users, not for use, but to be avoided.

Why do you should avoid nulled themes and nulled plugins? Before answering that question, you should first understand the definition of both.

Nulled Theme is a pirated version of the WordPress Premium theme. Likewise with nulled plugins. Nulled Plugin is a pirated version of the WordPress Premium plugin. The WordPress themes and plugins are spread on the internet and can be used free of charge.

Means good, can you get a theme or premium plugin without the need to spend a dime? This assumption will automatically disappear after you know what dangers can befall your website because it uses a nulled theme or nulled plugin.

What is Nulled Theme and Nulled Plugin?

What is Nulled Theme and Nulled Plugin? Maybe you can get a free pirated theme and plugin at the beginning, but there are various consequences that you must bear because of the pirated themes and plugins. It could be that you have to spend more money to improve side effects caused by nulled themes and nulled plugins.

10 Dangers of Using Nulled Theme and Nulled Plugin

Nulled Theme and Nulled Plugin
Reasons Why You Should Not Use Nulled WordPress Themes And Plugins

Dangers for website security

Pirated WordPress themes and plugins are a serious threat to the security of your website. Nulled Theme and Nulled Plugin are most likely to contain malware.

The theme maker and pirated plugins can spread dangerous codes into different files to disguise themselves so it is difficult to detect and improve when your website is stricken with hack.

As a result you can lose important data on the website. In addition, what’s worse your website can be deleted from the Google index that causes your website to not appear in search results.

Privacy threatened

Not only causes your website to be hit by a hacker attack, Nulled Theme and Nulled Plugin also have the potential to steal your privacy data.

From the username, email address, and password can be easily stolen through dangerous codes hidden in pirated theme files or plugins. If you manage an online shop website, your customer’s privacy data is also threatened.

Even worse, theft of privacy data is difficult to detect because it seems as if the website runs normally using pirated WordPress themes or plugins.

Of course you don’t want that to happen right? Consumers are now more aware of the importance of privacy data security. Especially after the case of the use of Facebook privacy data for political purposes in the United States.

Maybe using the theme or WordPress plugin does not charge at all at all at the beginning. However, if the theft of privacy data such as consumer data has occurred, it could be the cost you spend to pay a fine and more compensation. And of course, your reputation is bad, right?

Bad effect on SEO

SEO Your website is also the target of Nulled Theme and Nulled Plugin WordPress. Pirated themes and plugins can destroy the quality of your SEO by directing visitors to dangerous websites or flooding websites with spam links.

Unfortunately, these evil activities are difficult to detect by website owners because they are neatly hidden in pirated theme files and plugins. However, search engines can easily detect spam links that can cause your website to be exposed to a penalty or worse deleted from the index (de-index).

Cannot update

WordPress themes and plugins always release the latest version with updates to fix bugs, add new features, and solve security problems. And, of course, pirated WordPress themes and plugins cannot do updates for certain reasons, namely illegal software.

This causes your website to continue to use the old version of themes and plugins that may be full of bugs and unsafe. On the other hand, you must always update WordPress to the latest version.

Here is the problem here. Often plugins and themes must always be updated following the wordpress update to remain compatible or functioning. Cannot update plugins and themes can cause errors on your website.

Cannot access new features

As mentioned in the previous point, plugin updates and themes also include new features. If you use a pirated version of a plugin or theme, automatically you cannot enjoy the new features of the plugin or theme.

Though new features of themes or plugins can significantly improve website performance. Once again, losses are on plugin users and pirated WordPress themes.

Cannot get support

One reason for buying a paid WordPress plugin or theme is to get support features. Most free versions of plugins and themes do not provide support features for its users.

Unlike the paid version, the developer provides support features to help premium users using plugins or themes to the maximum.

For users of Nulled Theme and Nulled Plugin, can they access the support feature? Of course not. Why is the developer helping their pirated software users?

If you want to use a plugin or premium theme, the best way is to buy the original license. Especially for ordinary people who still need support. Even people who have long been in WordPress sometimes need support from developers.

Dangers of spam

In the third point it has been mentioned, Nulled Theme and Nulled Plugin are dangerous for SEO websites. One of them is because it allows the spam link to your website that can cause Google to drop a penalty or de-index

If you have been hit by a penalty or de-index, you only have the choice to fix it in a short period of time or create a new website.

Pirated = illegal

At the beginning of the article it was mentioned that Nulled Theme and Nulled Plugin were pirated versions of the WordPress premium themes and plugins. That is, if you use nulled theme and nulled plugin, you use illegal software.

The toughest consequence if you are caught using pirated goods is paying a fine and compensation to the developer as the owner of the plugin or legal theme. Fines and compensation costs are not a little money of course, which is definitely cheaper to buy the theme and legal plugin.

Not respecting the developer

By using illegal items, you automatically do not appreciate the efforts of the developer that makes it. The developers have devoted time, energy, money, and thoughts to produce a work. Using the pirated version means stealing the income of the developers.

The developers not only write code to produce a plugin, they also have to hire support staff, create a website, and others to make their business live. By using nulled themes and nulled plugins, you can turn off the business.

Ignoring free quality themes

Finally, if you don’t have enough money to buy a premium plugin or theme, you can still use the free version. You can also use plugins or themes that are really free.

There are tens of thousands of free WordPress plugins and themes that you can find. Do not sacrifice your website only for nulled themes or nulled plugins that can endanger the website that you manage.